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Saturday, October 22nd, 2016
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Welcome to Busy Bee Lawn & Garden Center

The Buzz  at The Bee  is our Bee $mart Classes: 

2nd Saturday of Every Month  at 10:00 AM for your education!  

We hope everyone stayed safe through the storm and that there isn't too much damage to your homes and landscape. For those plants that are blown down or broken off, there may be hope for them yet! Those that are blown over, you can stake upright and USE ROOT STIMULATOR! Root Stimulator is a hormone designed to increase the prodution of roots in plants by up to 40% in a one month period, and will drastically reduce stress and the rebound time needed for your plants to make a full recovery. Those plants that have had branches broken off, you can use a pruning sealer on them. Pruning sealer is a paint-like sealant used to keep insects from making their homes inside of the freshly broken or pruned pieces of your plants, and will reduce the stress on your plants drastically!

Good luck upkeeping your landscaping in the next month, and hope to see you here for any questions or problems you may have.

Next Instructional Class:


     A new class on the lineup this year. Make your home look like a picture from a seasonal magazine this Holiday Season by planting color and unique items that will add a festive feel to your house.


Future Classes:

WATER GARDENING - November 12th

     We are now carrying aquatic plants and pond supplies, so what better time than to do a class about Water Gardening then now? Bill of Water Garden Designs will be here to tech you about caring for these amazing plants, as well as pointers and tips on how to set up and keep your water garden healthy.

ORCHIDS - December 10th

     The Vero Beach Orchid Society will be here to teach you all there is to know about growing and caring for orchids. Being one of the most prestigious Orchid Societies in Florida, this is not a class to miss!


      We have received huge shipments of Miniature Gardening Supplies, and this is the perfect time to start a new hobby! Learn how to properly set up and keep your miniature garden going for years and years.





**October 10th- IRBS Meeting 7pm @ the Garden Club (Bromeliads)

**October 20th- VBOS Meeting 7pm @ the Garden Club (Orchids)

**October 27th- VBCBA Meeting 11:30am @ The Plaza (Christian Business Meeting)

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