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Thursday, February 11th, 2016
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Welcome to Busy Bee Lawn & Garden Center

The Buzz  at The Bee  is our Bee $mart Classes: 

2nd Saturday of Every Month  at 10:00 AM for your education!  


Next Instructional Class:


     Saturday February 13th we will be having a class about bamboo care. Mason from New Shoots Bamboo will be here teaching you everything you need to know from planting and establishing to the care needed to kee them happy for all types of bamboo. 


Future Classes:


     Saturday March 12th our class will be on designing interior displays using Orchids, Bromeliads, air plants, and driftwood. Luanne Cartier will be here to show you what goes into designing these beautiful arrangements as well as what care is neccessary to keep them healthy. Keep in mind a gift made by you is perfect for any engagement!


     This Saturday is for you! March 19th all day long we will have food, fun and festivities for the whole family. This is our 13th year doing this and is a blast every year. We will have many guest speakers here talking about a variety of topics such as, Butterflies, Orchids, and Tropical Fruit. We will also be cooking hamburgers, hot dogs and will have a vast spread of other tasty food. We hope you decide to join us on this special day so that we can appreciate you.


     Our very own Danny will be here Saturday April 9th to speak with you about Butterfly Gardening. He will explain everything you need to know about planting and establishing butterfly attractors, as well as the best plants to use for attracting and hosting all types of butterflies. This is always a popular class so be sure to get here early for the best seats!




**February 2th- TCOS Meeting 7pm @ the Garden Club (Orchids)

**February 8th- IRBS Meeting 7pm @ the Garden Club (Bromeliads)

**February 18th- VBOS Meeting 7pm @ the Garden Club (Orchids)

**February 25th- VBCBA Meeting 11:30am @ The Plaza (Christian Business Meeting)

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