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Planting Instructions

Since most problems occur during the initial establishment period, we have provided a general “how to” to provide the optimum conditions for your new plant purchases.

  1. Purchase plants and potting material from Busy Bee!

  2. Dig a hole twice the size of the original container but at the same depth.

  3. Add soil enrichment such as Organic Peat, Mushroom Compost, or Black Kow.  Mix with the existing soil to a consistency that is light, loose, and airy.  This is MUST if soil is too heavy and compact air may not reach root and they will rot.

  4. Place plant in hole at same depth planted in container.

  5. Pack dirt mixture around root ball to avoid air pockets.

  6. WATER BY HOSE every day soaking the root ball according to helpful guide below
    • EVERYDAY the 1st week
    • EVERY other day 2nd week
    • EVERY 3rd day the 3rd week
    • 4th week and beyond sprinkler system water should be sufficient unless we have extreme heat and/or windy conditions which dries plants out quickly.

  7. Apply root stimulator- 3 1/2 T per gallon of water apply to root 1 X week for 1 month.

  8. Apply Busy Bee VitaMix for a Boost of Vitality to reduce stress from relocation.

  9. When planting, application of Busy Bee's Formula "B" Fertilizer is recommended for the first 6 weeks. Then, apply specialty fertilizers as needed. (example palm fertilizer for palms, citrus fertilizer for citrus, etc.)

This is a guide for general planting instructions.  Weather plays a huge role in determining exceptions to these rules.  You also have specialty considerations on certain plants.  There are so very many varieties and the best advice would be shared with you from our knowledgeable Busy Bee Team Members on the unique considerations for your plants. 

PLEASE Ask For Advice.

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