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Sunday, December 17th, 2017
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Welcome to Busy Bee Lawn & Garden Center


     We have received our yearly shipment of Christmas Trees, and they look great! As always we are only carrying high quality A1 trees that were cut and put in water the day they came in. We have the freshest and most beutiful trees in this area and are proud to say it! Click here for this year's price list!

The Buzz  at The Bee  is our Bee $mart Classes: 

2nd Saturday of Every Month  at 10:00 AM for your education!  



     Due to the inclement weather forcast for tomorrow, we will be rescheduling this class until January 20th. Come on out to one of our most popular and informative seminars, Orchid Care. We will teach you how to grow and care for orchids, as well as the best tips and tricks for making them thrive in your home. This is a popular class, so be sure to get here early for the best seats.

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Container Gardening - January 13th

     Botanical Concepts will be here to teach you how to create beautiful container gardens in a variety of styles and sizes. Class will cover basic techniques for choosing different combinations of plants for sun or shade. This will be a fun learning experience, and is not a class to miss!

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Landscape Gardening - February 10th

     Botanical Concepts will be here again for your learning benefit. This class will cover the essential steps from basic design principles to choosing the right plant and proper techniques of planting and finishing the project. If you haven't had good luck with your landscape, this class is for you!

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**December 11th- IRBS Meeting 7pm @ the Garden Club (Bromeliads)

**December 21st- VBOS Meeting 7pm @ the Garden Club (Orchids)

**December 28th- VBCBA Meeting 11:30am @ The Plaza (Christian Business Meeting)

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