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Garden Times for May

What to Plant:

Vegetables & Fruits:

Try something NEW- Plant a yard full of Tropical Fruits! Great choices of Mango, Avocado, Lychee, Carambola, Pineapples, Barbados Cherries, Papaya, Figs or Berries-Blue, Black or Raspberries. Makes me hungry for Fruit Salad!  

Let your yard supply you with the rewards of your hard work!

Also plant some veggies: Okra, Tomato, Cucumber, Peppers, Beans, Squash, Southern Peas, Sweet Potato, Summer Squash, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Pumpkins, Collards, Eggplant and more.


Ageratum, Blue Wonder, Heather, Caladiums, Blue Daze, Coleus, Diamond Frost, Daylillies, Lantana, Marigold, Penta, Purslane, Salvia, Torenia, Vinca and more.


Basil, Chives, Dill, Oregano, Cilantro, Rosemary, Lavendar, Mints, Sweet Marjoram, Sage, Savory Thyme and other favorites.

What to Do:


  • Remove yellowing foliage and repot as needed
  • Wash away dust and bugs
  • Trim overgrown stems
  • Move weaker plants to patio or porch
  • Continue to fertilize with Formula "B" and Jack's Classic
  • Vitamix all for boost of vitality
  • May move outdoors into shady areas
  • Pinch or cut back to encourage new growth
  • Turn plants inside to allow light to even out growth
  • Use Systemic Insect Granules to eliminate insect problems-MONTHLY
  • Divide those bromeliads and orchids
  • Repot plants growing too large for their containers  

The Landscape:

  • Remove damaged limbs and foliage
  • Complete pruning of overgrown plants treat with Pruning Sealer
  • Transplant Palms and/or add new ones!
  • Cut back shrubs to thicken growth lower on plants
  • Follow all planting instruction guidelines per Busy Bee recommendations!
  • Prune & fertilize azaleas after flowering
  • Control black spot & mites on roses-FEED them MONTHLY
  • Check gardens for signs of insect invasions
  • Replenish mulches as needed to control weeds and help retain moisture
  • Add heat/summer tolerant color to beautify
  • Fertilize all plants/trees every three months
  • Use VitaMix to increase vitality
  • Plant a Butterfly Garden as a great summer project!
  • Apply Systemic Drench EVERY 6 Months to PREVENT insect problems
  • Remove "sucker"growth from trees to keep them from becoming BUSHES! 

The Lawn:

  • Fertilize with 16-0-8
  • Seed, plug or sod new lawns & fill in bare areas
  • Treat chinch bugs if needed
  • Apply herbicides if needed (Image used in St. Augustine-due to HEAT)
  • Apply a fertilizer containing iron only, such as Ironite or Milorganite to green-up yellowing lawns 

The Green House:

  • Replace plastic coverings with shadecloth
  • Feed container-grown plants monthly or weekly with water soluable fertilizers and Busy Bee's VitaMix
  • Prepare cuttings taken from spring growth with Rootone Powder
  • Use Fertilome Root Stimulator to promote root growth
  • Use Systemic Insect Granules to eliminate insect problems-MONTHLY
  • Move large container grown plants outdoors 

Vegetables and Fruits:

  • Feed vegetables with Jack's 20-20-20 and Garden Tone/Tomato Tone
  • Spray veggies weekly with Copper, Daconil or Dithane to control fungus problems
  • Apply Spinosad to contol Leaf Miners
  • Use VitaMix to boost vitality
  • Transplant seedlings outdoors using Fertilome Root Stimulator
  • Use Southern Ag Citrus Nutrional Spray
  • Monitor and control pests and fungus(Usually there are LOTS!)
  • Make sure your trellis/cages are secure against the heavy winds
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